Earl Brian Carsten

Fr. Skip


Skip January 31, 1944 - March 27, 2009


July 6, 2011
I found out today that a 40 yr. friend was no longer available to go out to dinner when I was coming back to Ft Wayne for a visit. I read with great interest all of the posts that are written here, thus making it Very Difficult to add anything not already said many times over. Through the years that I knew Skip, the one thing that I did learn from him was everyone he knew was always a lot more important than he was, it was just the way Skip thought. In a visit to see Skip 13yrs ago when back in Ft. Wayne.  He told my wife and I a secret!  The Bishops had voted and asked him to become the Archbishop, the leader of the Church.  Skip ask us not to say anything to anyone as it had not been officially announced.  My first question was, " What is the proper way to address you now?  His answer was direct and to the point!  My name is "Skip". In one of the posts written by someone else they said Skip was a living saint!  I believe that had Skip been born 2000 yrs. ago, he would have been one of twelve! No matter whether he was just a friend or he saved your life, or in some way changed your life forever,  he WAS ALWAYS there for all who called out his name. In closing:  Skip, it is said that a person never dies as long as their name lives on, based on that you're eternally in my heart and mind as well as all who were lucky enough to have met and known you.  Your love of your fellow man lives on, in the lives of those you have touched. It will be a very long time before you're forgotten.
~Dick and Sherrill Braun, Punta, Gorda, Fl


July 6, 2011
It hardly seems possible that +Skip has been gone for over 2 years now.  It seems like only yesterday that I was devastated by the news of his passing.  For over 25 years he was an important part of my life in my joys and in my sorrows. +Skip gently led me away from the edge of an abyss.  He was my pastor, my confessor, my councilor, my teacher, my sounding board, my anchor, my rock and my friend.  His passing ripped a hole in the fabric of my world.  There will never be another to take his place.  Like everyone else whose life he touched, he made me feel as if I was the only one that mattered – when I needed him, he was always there.  Sometimes out of nowhere, he’d just appear at my door as if he just felt my need of his council.  I still miss him each and everyday.  I know he still looks down on me and all those who loved him, from the side of the Most High where surely he sits in a place of honor.
He was indeed a good shepherd of God’s flock.
~Sherry Camp, Fort Wayne, Indiana


July 28, 2010
He knew me since I was little & I never had a chance to meet him before he passed on. We spoke on the phone often and he gave great advice. I miss & love you Skip.
~ Fort Wayne, Indiana


April 20, 2010
Pray for us, Skip.


March 14, 2010
I met Skip when we attended the Latin School in Indianapolis. I was a freshman and he a senior. He took me under his wing and befriended me in a very warm and Christian manner. I lost track of him after high school and learned only yesterday of his death. I still have wonderful memories of our conversations. May he rest in peace.
~ Tom Lauck, Indianapolis, Indiana


January 29, 2010
My dear +Skip....the anniversary of your day of birth into this world is fast approaching. We were only one day apart in that event, and thus celebrated together. Most of the time it was after you had put in a 12 hour day, and you would stop by to celebrate on your way home. Well my friend, I will miss your physical presence this and every birthday. While I'm sure I'll shed a tear in your memory, I can be rest assured that you will be here in spirit. A tiny change in my life occured after you left "sales", and went into "management". (Good one, Al!)
Every morning, before work, while I'm sipping my coffee, I listen to CD with nothing but different vocalists singing "Ave Maria". It calms my soul, warms my heart, takes me back to the days you walked this earth, and taught thousands of Christians, no matter what walk of life. You were, and still are, a true disciple of Christ. May God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit continue to keep you in his arms forever and ever. +Amen
~ Chuck Lake, Fort Wayne, Indiana


January 02, 2010
I just found out my beloved "savior of my sanity and restorer of my faith in God" hero, Father Skip died...oddly about the same time that my real father died last May, 2009. I will never forget his analogy of humanity that we are born with bright shiny boots (divine creatures, made in the likeness and image of God) and through the process of daily living somehow they get muddied up a bit. He also told me, "Just take off the boots, clean 'em up and you'll be just fine" The qualities of forgiveness and compassion for others he demonstrated was Christ like. I felt like I was friends with a modern day saint. That is how he always treated us, as his cherished friends. I will never forget you, Father Skip.
~ Laurie Millar, Auburn, California


May 24, 2009
Skip, You saved me in more than one way. You unselfishly devoted your time and care for me and were always there when I needed you. I could never thank you enough and I am truly grateful for you revealing to me who God really is. Thank you my good friend!
~ Scott Rutsey, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Skip on cell phone

May 15, 2009
At 3am you'd hear the front door open, and wonder if someone had just broken in to your home.  NOPE...just Skip stoppin' by to grab a quick nap because your home was the closest to where he happened to be.
Skip, you kept me in faith when I had none, you showed me that God really had a plan for us all, though often it didn't show itself immediately, you allowed me to see that the clergy was actually human, just like me, and that Thelonius Monk was cooler than ANY Beatle on the planet. One of Mom's closest friends, confidant to many a family turmoil and secret, even let Dad see that "those church guys" had a good side. I love you, my old friend. Can't wait to jam with you and tell each other bad jokes again. Maybe by then you'll have learned some new ones...LOL May God hold us both close in the palm of His hand.
~ Paul & Libby (Brian, Ben, Andrew) Decker, Elkhart, Indiana


April 29, 2009
Our beloved Skip: Once my counselor, then mentor, and most importantly a forever friend, I will carry you in my heart always until we all meet again. Give hugs all around to all those I love who passed before you. I will miss you always, "bits and pieces, and much love",
~ Barb Byroade Gardner, Sarasota, Florida


April 25, 2009
I knew you in my own special way, just like everyone else did. You are also special in your own way. You touched so many lives with both big & small gestures. You're greatly missed.
~ Heather Walker, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Skip at Tin Can Cathedral

April 20, 2009
Skip, Even though I grew up in the catholic church You were the only one to explain to me the true meaning of the Church and faith. You were there so many times for me, both when I needed shepherding and when I needed help for someone else. You were the only priest we could count on to make "house calls" in the middle of the day or night. You were never a preacher but a teacher and as such influenced every life you touched including mine. Your caring and wisdom has made a difference in my life. You are missed and will be in our hearts until we meet again on the other side.
~ Sgt Steve Haxby, Ft. Wayne, Indiana


April 17, 2009
Ahh +Skip, Such a gift you were to so many. How did you make room for me, too? You taught me some important things, my friend. Thank you for sharing your goodness, thank you for sharing your holiness, and thank you for sharing your humanity. It has been such a time of grace knowing you. Peace forever.
Memory Eternal!
~ Jim Brigl, Silver Spring, Maryland


April 16, 2009
We will both remember Skip as a friend and a mentor. Through him the Holy Spirit continued to renew the Church by challenging the Pharisees of our day and always putting love first. With warm memories and love,
~ +Yanchy and Wendy Lacska, Hudson, Wisconsin


April 13, 2009
Fr. Skip was a most significant person to all of my family. It's been a few years since I have seen him and I will miss him forever.
~ Mary Perron, Elkhart, Indiana

Skip in yellow shirt
April 09, 2009
Thank You Skip,
I didn't know you very long but you touched my heart and even though I never told you I seen you as an earthly father. I thank you for all the inspiration you've given me to hold on. I am at peace knowing that you are now in the Land of Milk & Honey Our Love carries on.
~ Amanda Canada, Berrien Springs, Michigan

April 05, 2009
Thank you, Skip! I will always remember your kindness to my family and me during your priestly ministry here on earth. You fed many who were hungry for acceptance, and to those who were thirsty, you refreshed them. To strangers and those estranged, you invited and included them. To those naked and vulnerable you clothed them with dignity. To those sick in body, mind, heart and soul and locked up in all kinds of prisons, you visited and encouraged them. Though many misunderstood and condemned you or regarded you with scorn, you regarded all with humility and charity.
Well done, good and faithful servant.
~ Bill Kintz, Jacksonville, Florida


Skip with Al

April 04, 2009
As one of his best friends and having shared so much with him over the last 21 years, he will truly be missed. But he taught me to know that life goes on and he will always be with me. I wonder if he is still in sales or moved to management. His Mom thinks he went to management.
~ Al Patterson, Angola, Indiana


April 04, 2009
~ Nicole Stewart, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Skip at Faith United ordiantion

April 04, 2009
I am grateful to Skip, Isabelle and Earl for the 50 years plus of friendship that was faithful, loving and challenging. I was honored to give the Eulogy at +Skipís funeral. He truly believed that every person, in all their uniqueness and diversity, reveals something of the beauty of our God. He walked with people who were wounded and those who cared for them. He was friend of the poor and rich, the sinner and those who thought they were holy. He befriended those who were imprisoned, the physically disabled and psychologically wounded, the sick and dying. To heal those broken in life, he worked with nurses and doctors, with psychologists and pastors, with police officers and firemen. As Jesus did, he believed in conversion, turning around, doing a Gospel change. Skip was deeply rooted in the historic, apostolic faith of the Church both east and west, but was also open to the new horizons and insights of psychology, human relationships and scientific research. Skip was an honest and humble disciple of Jesus and, as the master whom he followed faithfully, a loving brother to all whom he met, putting the needs of others before himself. Earl Brian Carsten became the Episcopal leader of the Orthodox Catholic Church of America without loosing the mind and the heart of Christ Jesus. At the foot of the Cross, Skip learned a contemplative silence that sheds false masks and allows us to die to self so that the final death is only a transition to the new life promised by the Risen Lord. In all things, he sought to do what Jesus did, the will of the Father and proclaim faithfully the Kingdom of God. In the ups and downs of his earthly journey, he reaffirmed his abiding love of the Lord. And now the Lord can say to him, You have been my beloved disciple. Inherit the Kingdom prepared for you. With enduring love, Skip, until we meet again, I remain your friend.  Father Ron Ashmore
~ Ron Ashmore, Terre Haute, Indiana


April 04, 2009
Words could not begin to say how much you are loved and how much you will be missed. Thank you for all that you gave to me and my family. We were truly blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you my dearest friend.
~ Deb Hackworth, Columbia City, Indiana


April 04, 2009
My heart goes out to you at this time and in the days ahead.
~ Norm Langenbrunner, Cincinnati, Ohio


Skip and chips

April 03, 2009
Father Skip, it is hard to feel sad when I know that you are with the Lord that you loved so. The tears I shed are completely selfish because I know that you are smiling and are in the arms of the Lord.
You were a true friend, you helped me more than words can ever express, I will miss you, but I am so very happy for you, rest now, my friend.
~ Lottie Farver, Fort Wayne, Indiana






April 03, 2009
Skip A trusted partner in the squad car, a and wise and respected teacher in the pulpit and a most faithful friend in good times and bad. I think I hear bagpipes.
~ Dave Racine, Estes Park, Colorado


April 03, 2009
My dear Isabelle: As I read through all the kind remembrances in this guest book I have hoped page after page that you read them all and find comfort. None of those who have written have known you and Skip as long as I have. We were grade school friends. I threw papers up and down Park and Broadway. On the coldest of days your door was open and the warmth of Nanna, you and Earl was always a treasure. With my parents you forged a great friendship that endured and provided many of us great memories of Race Day picnics. It is impossible to express my affection and concern for you in this way; and my absence today, Friday is painful; but the Friday before Palm Sunday and a thousand mile journey is bad combination. But I'll be waving a Palm Branch for you, Earl, and Skip and singing "Hosanna". I will call you soon, and be standing at the altar here at Saint Mark Church on Friday in communion with you.
~ Fr. Tom Boyer, Norman, Oklahoma


Skip at Earl's funeral

April 02, 2009
The most reverend Skip was a true godsend to the earth that surrounded him. Our time with him was a blessing beyond words. His words, thoughts and prayers touched the lives of many.....he will always be with us in spirit and we with him....god bless you reverend father mine...
~ David Wall, Sarasota, Florida




April 02, 2009
Our deepest condolences, Isabelle, on the loss of your son.
~ The Curtis Family, Indianapolis, Indiana


April 02, 2009
Blessed +Skip, Thank you for all you have done for me, for all of us clergy, for all to whom you have ministered, and for our church.
Light Perpetual.
~ Bill Payne, Acayuca, Hidalgo


Skip behind flowers

April 02, 2009
There could only be one Skip how Blessed we are to have known you!! If you can slip me any hints on this Mystery
of Life, I am definitely open to it!!! Love You Much!
~ Nancy Belote, Ft Wayne, Indiana




April 02, 2009
Our lives were forever changed through the compassion and love of Father Skip. He was always there for us, even when we didn't know we needed help! I will always remember his warm smile and his gentle ways. Heaven is a little brighter today. Well done, good and faithful servant.
~ The Minne's, Fort Wayne, Indiana


April 02, 2009
Cindy Stemm Carmichael, Newport, Tennessee


Skip at ordination elevation

April 02, 2009
First you saved me, then you saved my son, then you saved me (again), helped me bury my mother and marry my husband. You have been there for so many turning points in my life. Your loss is another turning point  and again you are there. Love to you always.
~ Pat, Fort Wayne, Indiana





April 02, 2009
Dear friend, I don't know how to express the ways you touched my life, maybe as a teen heading down the wrong path after the death of my father, or later in life as an adult, the many conversations about life, faith and even politics.... you will always be a part of each decision I make in life. I appreciate the way you cut through the bull and had a way of "bottom lining" it for me. All the encouragement you gave me to go back to school and further my education...I hear ya big guy, Im going to do this for you! Thanks for your guidance and friendship over the past 22+ years. I know God has a purpose for you and this is part of His plan. God bless you and keep you..
~ James Bolling, Garrett, Indiana


April 02, 2009
We thank Father Skip for all the times he came to our aid and the lessons we learned from him about the importance of loving and giving to others. We will miss him greatly, but feel very blessed that he was a part of our lives.
~ Larry and Marcia Sauter, Huntington, Indiana


Skip at Redwood

April 02, 2009
Skip, You have done so much for my family and myself that we could never begin to thank you. You are an inspiration to all that you touched. The love that oozed from you existence was contagious. When you bump into my dadtell him hello for me. I will see you on the other side if not sooner. Much Love my friend.
~ Nick Clarke, Fort Wayne, Indiana




April 02, 2009
Your Eminence, +Skip; You are missed more than words can say. The time I was planning to be with you, to learn more from you, just to be able to be with you, will not be in this world, but in time to come. How you have touched my life only you knew, but your prayers, advice and encouragement were always God sent. My dearest friend, I love you.
~ Fr. Chip Smith, Detroit, Michigan


April 02, 2009
Fr. Skip impacted me and my family much over the years. He is very inspirational. I can still see him preaching in my mind. God bless his mom and all his friends during this time.
~ christopher galpern,  fort wayne, Indiana


April 02, 2009
What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, we may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget.
~ Chuck Lake, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Skip at Monday School

April 02, 2009
Fr. Skip, The last time I talked to you was on your birthday and although that seems some time ago, I now know we talked for a reason. You have always believed in me and have been there since day one. I don't know what my family would be with out you and your love. I am still working on an undergraduate degree but will continue on to med school knowing you are on my side and will guide my way. Thank you for all that you have taught me about the Lord and I will continue to live for Him. As I shed many tears, I am know rejoicing knowing that you are with the Lord, the One who loves you the most. You will be missed, and we will meet again.
~ Alyssa Wilson, Fort Wayne, Indiana


April 01, 2009
Memory eternal. Memory eternal. Memory eternal. God bless and keep you my friend in his company of Saints, now and forever and unto the ages of ages Amen.
~ Stephen+ Duncan, Galveston, Texas

April 01, 2009
Thank you Skip for being there for me in my times of need. You will be missed by many and forever loved by all.
~ Fort Wayne, Indiana


Skip in yellow short

April 01, 2009
"How can I keep from singing?" My beloved brother, Skip.I know you are singing joyfully in heaven now and hearing every note! Your love of music was contagious and so was your love of Jesus in the faces of the poor. Thanks for being willing to go where others would rather not for the sake of the Kingdom. Happy Easter, my friend.
~ Annette "Nettie Wall, Sarasota, Florida





April 01, 2009
Dear +Skip, it was my joy and honor to be your student and ordinand; to be part of your spiritual lineage. I will do my best to make my life in ministry a credit to your example. I will also miss you! What, a kind, loving man you were. What a generous soul. What a mensch. When I watched you at the altar and listened to your preaching, I knew that I was in the presence of a true master. If only there had been more time to learn from your beautiful, graceful "relaxed reverence." I know our relationships don't end just because one of us has made a change of address, so, "drop in" any time. You are in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers always.
Eternal joy, peace and blessings,
~ The Rev. Mother Francesca Fortunato, New York, New York


April 01, 2009
My dear +Skip Even in the end you teach us. Your prose again shows who you are. Thank you for all you have done for me, our church, all who have known you, and humanity. Fondly remembered.
~ Rt. Rev. Fr. David Kotajarvi, Green Bay, Wisconsin


April 01, 2009
My friend, my loved one, my bishop. There are so many more words, terms of endearment but the tears hold them at bay. Fr. Skip saved my life as I was able to be a part of his. Isabelle, I love you dearly and miss you. Keep me in your
prayers, as I do you.
~ Matthias David Moore, Greenville, South Carolina


Skip and Jim

April 01, 2009
I'll miss you, Skip...as you always used to say, "we Gary boys need to stick together". I hope you know how much your friendship and Monday school meant
to me.
~ Jim Brenock, Fort Wayne, Indiana






April 01, 2009
No words can express my sorrow as I grieve the loss of my friend and mentor. My prayers are for peace and comfort for those who grieve the loss of our dear friend.
~ Fr. Chris, Swanton, Ohio


April 01, 2009
Holiness is measured not by the title before of after one's name; but to the one who skipped along life reflecting the image of God to those he met. I say goodbye for now to one of the holy men I have encountered in my life.
~ +Jeff Charlton, Hastings, Minnesota


April 01, 2009
We loved you +Skip You will always be in our thoughts and prayers especially at The Table. When ever we share you will be part of are story. Fr Tommy+ and Jim
~ Thomas Stadler, Fremont, Ohio


Skip walking to chapel

April 01, 2009
I am so blessed to have known you. You nurtured me, listened to me, taught me what true faith is, and that no matter what, you should never give up hope. You got me through some really tough times, and gave me the strength to keep my chin up, even when I didn't think I could. I have never known anyone who cared so much, who loved everyone, and who gave so much to others. Thank you for being there for me.

I will miss you terribly, my friend. You truly are a shining star.
Rest in peace.
~ Patt Kite, Fort Wayne, Indiana |


April 01, 2009
To the family of "FATHER SKIP". 30 years ago we were introduced on the street and he some how has been with me ever since. I have thought of him often. My prayers to you "FATHER SKIP"
~ Nolan Garrison, Houston, Texas


April 01, 2009
April 1, 2009 Dear Isabelle and members of the OCCA Community:
My sincere sympathy and support goes out to you on the occasion of the untimely death of Brian, your son, friend and leader. His love for the Triune God and the people of God, especially the lowly, has brought him into the Heavenly Homeland of Love and Peace!
My love and peace goes out to all of you!
~Ed Ruetz


April 01, 2009
You shall really be missed. Thanks for being my Metropolitan. I look forward to the day we can talk and share again. You shall remain in my prayers always.
~ Barbara Martzall, Three Rivers, Massachusetts


Skip at ordination

April 01, 2009
When I pastored at First Brethren Church in Elkhart, Father Skip & I became friends as I was the Fire and Police Chaplain at the time. Father was a man of God. He has his Eternal reward. Praise God.
~ Dale Ru Lon, Doylestown, Ohio





April 01, 2009
Memory Eternal!
With the East Coast clergy, I remember you with great fondness, and wish we had had more time with you. Your sense of humor, your great faith, and your loving, gracious, presence with us was a blessing. Always in our prayers.
~ Rt. Rev. Lynn Walker, Brooklyn, New York


April 01, 2009
Father Skip touched many lives. My thoughts and prayers are with Isabelle and his many friends. His passing is such a loss.
~ Linda Austin, Lexington, Kentucky


April 01, 2009
Keep us in your prayers, Fr. Skip, as we keep you in ours! You are missed.
~ Joshua Long, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Skip in hallwayApril 01, 2009
"No storm can shake my inmost calm while to that Rock I'm clinging." He always clung to the Rock. We always looked to him for the answer and trusted him to give it. We will miss him for all our lives.
~ Rose Schamberg, Fort Wayne, Indiana


April 01, 2009
You helped make Christianity a reality, and lived it. Rest in the light of peace.
~ John Hambrock


April 01, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with Father Skip and his extended family.
~ Michael Vorndran,Fort Wayne, Indiana


April 01, 2009
I will miss our coffees together, our discussions and debates on spiritual matters, and that "look" you gave me when I tried to "get your goat" with a joke or weird comment.
You were always there when you were needed. I will treasure the fact that I got to have that final conversation with you the night before you left us. Thanks, my friend.
~ H. West, New Haven, Indiana


April 01, 2009
Thank you for helping me and my brother during our time of need. You have been a part of our family since we were little kids and we grew up into fine adults because of what you did for us. Thank you! You will never be forgotten!


April 01, 2009
Congratulations on the promotion, Boss. We'll miss you.
~ Fr. Cliff Polubinsky, New Haven, Indiana


April 01, 2009
When asked what the most important commandment is, Jesus responded that the most important is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is to Love your neighbor as yourself. Skip, by everyday example, you showed us how to live these commandments. Bless you, dear friend.
~ Mary & Dennis Hollopeter, Fort Wayne, Indiana


April 01, 2009
A true friend that never turned anyone away. May our blessed Lord keep you in His palm forevermore.
~ Alan & Marsha Mertz, Greenfield, Indiana


April 01, 2009
Father Carsten (Skip) I only met you a few times with Mother Maria, but you were such a happy , jolly fellow, I enjoyed your company and organ playing at the Sedar at your home last year for lent. You will be missed by all your flock, but especially by Mother Maria, you were her friend and advocate. It was a pleasure knowing you, you will continue your work in heaven.
~MBarrow, NewHaven, Indiana


March 31, 2009
+Skip, I knocked; you opened the door and took me in.
~ Greg Sureck, Boonville, Indiana


March 31, 2009
The world was a better place because of our beloved Archbishop. I am sure God welcomed you home with open arms and the words "Welcome home, good and faithful servant".
~ Father Richard Parker, Bakersfield, California


March 31, 2009
May God bless this true "servant of God" and shepherd.
Rt. Rev. Elwood Cromwell, Cincinnati, Ohio Rev. Mother Kimberly Cromwell


March 31, 2009
He was a wonderful man who truly lived the Bible. He was an inspiration to my wife and I, who he married in 2004. We will miss you dearly Skip. Save a place for us.
~ Bart Putnam, Coldwater, Michigan


March 31, 2009
Fr. Skip was one of the most humble, loving, spiritual men I've ever had the honor to know. His guidance brought me closer to God in so many ways. As much as he will be missed, I feel blessed knowing that he is now with the Lord that he loved and served so well.
~ Lee Norris, Fort Wayne, Indiana


March 31, 2009
So many people you served. So many lives you touched in the most caring and wonderful way. So many lives, including my own, are the better because of you and your influence. Thank you for sharing and shepherding our lives as you did. You made a difference. You are missed. You are loved.
~ Dr. Paul Whitesell, Indianapolis, Indiana


March 31, 2009
Words cannot say just how much Skip has meant to us in our life. No one person will ever know just how much good he has done in his life. He has touched so many people.
~ Dave Crawley, Huntington, Indiana


March 31, 2009
He touched so many lives, always making their lives so much richer. I and my family will miss him so very
~ Sue Chancellor, Butler, Indiana


March 31, 2009
The Lord has taken our beloved +Skip. He has given so much to so many. His wisdom, compassion, caring, and loved are unmatched. Peace be with you dear Skip.
~ Rt. Rev. Fr. David Kotajarvi, Green Bay, Wisconsin


Skip and StanMarch 31, 2009
Skip, I have known you since our years at OLL Seminary, Syracuse, Indiana. You brought laughter, intelligence and insight into my life. After years of absence, it was a delight to see you in Ann Arbor, some four years ago. Pray for me and my church families in Detroit (St Cecilia and St Leo). I will remember you in my prayers. Thanks for being accepting of me in my life and in my choices as I chose the Archdiocese of Detroit.
~ Rev Ted K Parker, Detroit, Michigan


March 31, 2009
Through Skip's actions and example, we more clearly see the value of caring and compassion. We are more peaceful knowing he has been received and embraced by the Love he shared.
~ Barb and Jim Ayers, Fort Wayne, Indiana


March 31, 2009
May the angels of our Lord Jesus Christ bring you into heaven. We miss you +Skip.
~ Martin Baskin, Fort Worth, Texas


March 31, 2009 Skip and Dean
Father Skip was an inspiration to all. My husband and I were married by him in May 2000, and we felt our marriage was truly blessed by his mere presence. He will be missed on earth, but heaven is rejoicing.
~ Sue Hollinger Yustus, Hartford, Wisconsin






March 31, 2009
The number of lives touched by Skip is uncountable. He will be deeply missed. RIP, dear friend.
~ Patty Elliott,
Kendallville, Indiana


March 31, 2009
you will be missed my friend. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.
~ Richard and Robbie Russell, Huntington, Indiana


March 31, 2009
The world will be less without Father Skip. He was truly a great human being and he touched many, many lives.
~ Jill Lucier, Winnipeg, Manitoba


March 31, 2009
Fr. Skip touched our family's lives in so many ways and will always be our dearest friend. We feel blessed to have known him. Although we will miss him, we find peace in knowing that he now rejoices with the Lord.
~ Rosie, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Skip with crosier at Earl's funeralMarch 31, 2009
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
~ jerry wolff, fort wayne


March 31, 2009
Skip, You saved my life more than once, you've been a wonderful friend over the years. You will be missed more than I could ever begin to say.
~ KC Henderson, Fort Wayne, Indiana


March 30, 2009
We Love You Father Skip.... You will ALWAYS be in our hearts.








March 30, 2009
Father "Skip" was a true servant of God and knew how to speak to and about the Lord Jesus Christ. May God have Mercy on his soul, and may he and all the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in Peace.
Gene Kohn
~ Gene Kohn, Fort Wayne, Indiana


January 31, 1944 - March 27, 2009